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Rotary Cam Switch, Breaker Control Switch, Rotary Switch, Micro Switch, Indication Lamps, Toggle switch, Led Indicating Lamps


Rotary Cam Switches

Rotary cam switches are aesthetically designed ptoviding robust performance with practially unlimited switching possibilities. switches are manufactured in accordance with practices using high grade engineering material conforming to international standards.
Rotary Cam Switches
Rotary Cam Switches Table
Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches Rotary Cam Switches

1) Standard 4 hole front panel mounting
2) Knob / Handle operatable
3) Suitable for all switching angles and spring return switches
4) Front assembly in 4 different colors, Yellow/Red, Grey/Black, Black/Black and aluminum finish

Rotary Cam Switches
Length L=No. of Packets of Prog. x S+W
Rotary Cam Switches
Colour Combinations
Rotary Cam Switches
Yellow Front Plate
Red Knob
Gray Front Plate
Black Knob
Black Front Plate
Black Knob
Alluminium Foill Front Plate
Black Knob
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Control Switches
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